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These iChat 4 pages are coloured Gray and have the iChat 4 icon on them that was in use at the time, so you know where you are. The icon differs little from the Version 3 version.


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2[8] 02 File Menu. Oct 2008

This is the iChat 4 File menu.

Changed New Chat is a now a method of Starting any chat. Double Clicking a Buddy in the Buddy list does the same thing for Text chats as does highlighting a Buddy and using the Buddies Menu. This window now includes a Drop down fro the type of Chats Including Screen Sharing options.New Chat Drop Down

New Chat with Person has ben removed from the choices.


Go To Chat window


 Changed. Go to Chat Room Brings up a window to enter a Room name. Typing a (room) name will create a room for you to Add your Buddies to for a Group Chat. If you wish to join an Existing name you will be taken to a Chatroom or group that someone else has created and may have people in it already. In iChat 4 you have to Specifiy which Buddy List (Account/Screen Name) you will be calling from. The Room Name drop down keeps all you previously joined or created rooms. There seems to be no way to clear this. You can enter the names of Rooms that you might visit frequently in a List as well

Open and Open Recent will open any Saved chat you have made. They do not restart a Chat that has just ended. Nor can you restart a Chat with the same Buddies (or Buddies in Group chat). Open Recent will only open any previously Opened Chat (if it is still in the Recent List).

 New. You now have options to use iChat Theater and it's iPhoto counterpart. The iPhoto option will open iPhot and allow you to set up a single picture or a group which will then invoke the Slide Show options within iPhoto. I would suggest consider turning Off the default music if you wish to speak over the top of the Slide show. It will be displayed as you Video Feed.

The iChat Theater is like Quicklook for iChat. It can show Movies which it will resize to the Chat window. However things like PowerPoint and Keynote have to have the Slide size adjusted to fit the Video Chat window format and scrolling can be difficult otherwize. Similar things happen to text documents.

Apple iChat Theater Pic

Depending on the Specs of your Mac will dictate how the Share will look. Lower Spec'ed Macs will just see it replace your Video feed. Higher spec'ed Macs will see it do something akin to a 3 way chat and reduce your Buddy to Picture-in-Picture part as this Apple Pic shows.

You can use the Save As and save any Currently open Text chat at that point in time. Like other applications that prename things it offers you the same Name with Date &Time as it does if you have set Save All Transcripts in the Messages Preferences pane of iChat, but here you can change it to whatever you wnat and tell it to be put wherever you want. Not making a choice will save it to the folder called iChats in side your Documents folder (~/Documents/iChats) which is where the Save All choice puts them. This items become Dark (Active ) Text when a Chat window that can be saved is open.

I have never used the Print options so I can not comment.

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