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These iChat 4 pages are coloured Gray and have the iChat 4 icon on them that was in use at the time, so you know where you are. The icon differs little from the Version 3 version.


iChat 4 Pictures Buddy List

You are In:- iChat >> Versions >> iChat 4 >> iChat 4 Pictures Index >> iChat 4 Buddy List Index >> Buddy Pic Change
4[5] 04 Buddy Pic Change Nov 2008

This Picture is where to Start to Change your Buddy Pic from the Buddy Lst.
Click on your Own Buddy Pic and this "Recent Pictures" slide pops out.

You can then choose between any that are showing there already. (An AIM name will default to the Running Man if there are none set - Apple names will display the Blue Globe and Jabber a Lighlight Bulb in any Jabber List)

Next choose the Edit Picture button.

Choose New

This will take you to this screen.

From here there are several options. The apparent drop down at the top will display the Recent Picture Panel again and it also used to link to the iChat Icons.

The main display shows the current picture.

The Slider will resize the picture in relation to the Box. What shows in the Box is what the picture will be if you select the Set button.

The Camera Icon button will give you a count down to taking a Snapshot.


Effects in Buddy Pic

 New. The sqaure shutter like icon will bring up the Effects Pallet for the Video stream and you can apply an Effect to the still picture as this picture to the right demonstrates. Again the slider can be used to resize this picture. It will show the Picture it is working on behind the Effect (and greyed out as a regular choice being resized would.




Navigate for picture

The Choose button take you to a navigation choice to pick any picture on your hard drive. Once a picture is chosen you can use the main window to resize it.

You can also click on the picture to drag it about to center the quare on any part of a larger picture.


Once you are happy with what is in the box you can use the Set Button. The example on the right is a Snapshot first then I have resized it down to my face. It can be done with any picture.

What iChat does then is create it's own version of the picture based on what is in the box and does not touch the original.

These tend to be converted in to .tiffs.

You can also change the picture by dragging any picture straight to the Buddy Pic spot in the Buddy List.


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The Picture highlights that you can login to server Jabber Servers and the AIM servers several times.


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