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These iChat 3 pages are coloured Orange and have the iChat 3 icon on them that was in use at the time, so you know where you are. The icon differs from Version 1 by having the camera logo added and from iChat 2 by having the Running Man removed.

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1[8] 01 iChat menu. Oct 2008

This is the iChat 3 Application menu. Like all Applications it appears at the top in the Menu Bar next to the Apple icon top left.

The About option will dispaly a simple window with the Version number on it.

The Preferences choice leads to the Preferences.

I have not known the Shop for iChat Porducts to lead anywhere and it disappears in iChat 4 anyway.

The Feedback option is a link to an Apple Page specifically about iChat. It has choice sin drop downs for iChat Version and OS version as well as info about your set up fro getting on to the Internet. Most important is a large free text area for you issue or "Wish List" stuff.

The enxt few options allow you to Log in and out of the various accounts (Screen Names) you have open. The wording changes whether you are Logged In or Out. If you don't have a Jabber ID it will not show here. The same for Bonjour and AIM accounts if it is not Enabled in the iChat Preferences > Accounts.

If you have more than one AIM compatible name or more than one Jabber ID then you can use the Switch Option to change between them and it will log you out of one and in to the other.
Further down you have the option to Hide all iChat WIndows or all other application windows.

At the bottom is one place you can Quit iChat. The other is to click and hold the icon in the DOCK for the pop up menu.

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The option some applications have to Quit the Application by using the Red button on a window does not work in iChat. In this Buddy List example (from iChat 4) it will hide the (any) Buddy List. If you Quit iChat now it will not display it the next time iChat Opens. Using the Red Button in a Chat window will end the Chat. iChat will remember where you last placed a window, except for Incoming Invites, each time you Quit and Open iChat

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