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These iChat 3 pages are coloured Orange and have the iChat 3 icon on them that was in use at the time, so you know where you are. The icon differs from Version 1 by having the camera logo added and from iChat 2 by having the Running Man removed.

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1[2] 01 Connection Doctor. Oct 2008

This is the iChat 3 Connection Doctor Window when a Chat is in progress.

In iChat 3 a drop down fro the Statistics as shown and the Error messages has been Added. The Error option will be greyed out if there are no Error Messages during this opening of iChat.

The info shown in this section is no different from the iChat 1 or iChat 2 versions. You are the Local person with only your Framerate and Bit Rates displayed.

Your Buddy will be named and his (or her) Frame and Bit rates will be shown along with two bars as a graphical representation of their feed to you. If all is going well they should show 100% and be Green at about 50% in will go Amber and further down it will go Red.

If they Pause Video or Mute their Mic (Both controlled from the Video menu but the Mic has a Mute Button on the chat Window) their bar will go white and show 0% If they do both for longer than 10 Secs you will get an Error message.

The picture above shows my local Frame rate as being only 6.1 fps. This is realistically too low but the picture was grabbed only 7 secs into the chat. Allow a bit of time to settle down. If it does not improve check what other apps you are running that will use processor time and also your System Preferences > Quicktime Setting (Should read 1.5Mbps). Also check the iChat > Preferences > Video section that the Bandwidth Setting there is not capping you too far if you have had to use it.

As iChat 3 can do multiple chats in both Video chats and Audio only chats you will see different info in the main picture if you are the Host (the one that invited everyone). Each Buddy will have their own details and Green bars.

If you are just a participant then you will see one like this main picture with just you and the Host.

Audio Only multi-chats can be done over Dial-Up but Video chats needs the Host to have at least a G4/1Ghz Dual Processor and 384k up and down Internet Connection. (with ADSL it can be done at 1Mb Down and only 256k Up but the Video gets increasing blurry as you add Buddies). VIdeo can not be done to a Dial-Up Buddy

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The Connection Doctor whilst a Video chat was in progress


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