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These iChat 3 pages are coloured Orange and have the iChat 3 icon on them that was in use at the time, so you know where you are. The icon differs from Version 1 by having the camera logo added and from iChat 2 by having the Running Man removed.

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4[4] 04 Apple/Mac Screen Name. Oct 2008

This is the iChat 3's next pane in the Add Buddy sequence. It appears out of the Buddy list at the top just under the title of the Buddy List replacing the New Person pane.

Selecting the "right" Account type is very important.

The drop down has two options and the next picture will display the @mac.com option for an Apple Screen Name. This picture shows the Mac Screen name option.

Somewhat confusingly Apple use the description of Account Type and Account Name to be chosen and filled in respectively. This is partly because AIM allow people to register and create a Display Name version as well.

Having chosen the Account type and entered a Mac name.

You will notice that the part for the Screen name is shorter and has @mac.com suffix on the Outside of the entry field. This means the software will addd the Suffic for you. From the example below you only have to type appleu3test02 This can be confusing in some cases as a Buddy may well have a Screen Name form both that are very similar (As the Apple Test Accounts which do in fact have @mac.com version and AIM verrsions)

The same info as the on the Previous Picture's page applies if they are to be added to the Address Book. I use the Phrase "Real Name" as the title of the Boxes suggest adding a full name but you can enter anything to identify the person. There are ways of adding the info later.

Screen Name only

If you do not add anything to the First or Last name boxes the person will not be added to your Address Book and will display in iChat as just the Screen Name.

Full or Part name

Anything that is added as a First or Last Name will be what is displayed in iChat.

You can also chose a Buddy Pic for your Buddy by clicking the Box. This will over-ride any Pic already in the Address Book and any changes they make to their Buddy Pic.

Alterations and Corrections

Any Buddy can have any of this information altered later.

Highlight the Buddy in the Buddy List and then use the Apple (/Command/⌘) key and i key together (Get Info). You can then access the Accounts info pane and it will bring up a similar looking pane to this main picture - minus the Account Type choice. It is possible on that Pane to add or delete the @mac.com suffix if you have made a mistake in the Account type.

If the person is in the Address Book then it possible that they can have one of three pictures. You can give the Address Book entry one which will also be associated with Mail. You can pick one for iChat in the Accounts Pane and it will be different. If you make no choice in the Address Book or the iChat Info pane then they will display the Buddy pic they are sending at that moment in time

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