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3[6] 03 iChat 2 Messages Preferences Oct 2008

This is the iChat 2 Messages Preferences.

This is where you set the Basic formatting of your IM messages in any Text chat. You can choose Font (Style) Font Colour and Bubble Colour. The drop downs for the Colours display some presets and an option for Other for you to be more adventurous. This will bring up the system wide Colour Pallet (where you can use "Crayons", the colour wheel,"Spectrum" and the like).

Choose a Font most of your Buddies will have. If they don't have the Font you have then it will default to Helvetica as will their incoming message if you do not have their Font. Also generally stick to Light on Dark or Dark on Light

You can over-ride incoming IM's by Reformatting them into something you can Read. If I used this I would tend to set only the Font and leave the colours as Colours can be useful in Group chats to identify different Buddies if they happen to have the same Buddy pic.

The "Confirm before Sending files" option create an extra pop up window when sending files to click before a file is sent. It gives you the chance to read the name of the item you are sending as a check it is the right one.

When you have "Automatically Save Transcripts" selected every Text chat whether group or one-to-one chat is saved. It saves them on Quitting the chat concerned. It saves them in the iChat format so reopening one makes it look like a chat and it will be scrollable. They are saved inside your Documents folder in a folder created by iChat called iChats (~/Documents/iChats) They are saved by Name and Dated & Timed in the file name. They can be reopened by iChat File Menu or by double clicking on them.

Any Picture that was sent in the chat will still display and will dynamically adjust it size with the Chat window but is not drag-able to the Desktop as it would be in a Live Chat.

The option for "Rendezvous to Send text as I type" as you do it does a fairly could job if you are a slow typist. It does catch up if you pause to read what you have written before sending it. It will show every keystroke so you can not take back a message to your brother "You Smell !!" as it will show it and whatever you change it to as you relent.

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The Messages Preferences. Where to control Saving all Text chats as well as basic Formatting of your Font Choice and Colours of Font and Bubbles


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