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These iChatAV (Version 2) pages are coloured Green and have the iChat 2 icon on them that was in use at the time, so you know where you are. The icon differs from Version 1 by having the camera logo added.

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4[5] 04 iChat 2 Video Screen Oct 2008

This is the Chat 2 Video Screen on First run of iChat 2.

It is essentially a point to highlight the fact and make some checks. It proves iChat can "See" the camera and if you talk and the grey bar under the picture turns partly green you know it can "See" the microphone as well.

If the Green bar does not appear when you talk or does not get above a quarter of the way go to System Preferences > Sound > Input and 1. Select the Mic or input device and 2. turn the Input Volume up in the same tab. In System Preferences the sound volume indicator which is Blue in that screen should get to at Least half way if not better - although it should not bump into the right hand end.

If you have a camera and it is not seen here then check it is physically connected and if it has an On Switch.... Otherwise click through this screen and the next and reinstall any Drivers for the camera.

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A place to see your first Preview and check iChat can hear you when you talk.


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