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These iChatAV (Version 2) pages are coloured Green and have the iChat 2 icon on them that was in use at the time, so you know where you are. The icon differs from Version 1 by having the camera logo added.

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6[8] 06 iChat 2 Video (Audio) Menu Oct 2008

This is the iChat 2 Video Menu. This Menu will be called Audio if there is No camera.

The most important items here are to make sure the Camera Enabled and Microphone Enabled items have ticks next to them. Selecting the items toggles the tick On or Off depending on it's state. Both items show up even if you do not have a camera although the Camera option will be greyed out.

Connection Doctor Error Drop down

The Connection Doctor is another window within iChat. It shows the Bitrates and Frame rates of you and your Buddy and two green bars representing the Incoming Video and Audio (Or audio only in a Audio Only chat).

This particular view with the Error Message bit showing only shows if you have had a Failed Chat otherwise in iChat 2 only the active Video or Audio info is displayed or a blank version like the top of this example.

If you have several failed chats while iChat is open the messages appear one after the other and the list becomes scrollable as in the pic. Quitting iChat clears the list.

Near the top you can see you can take a Snapshot and many people do this to create a Buddy Pic.

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This site is about iChat from Version 1 through to iChat 4.x.x

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