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These iChatAV (Version 2) pages are coloured Green and have the iChat 2 icon on them that was in use at the time, so you know where you are. The icon differs from Version 1 by having the camera logo added.

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7[8] 07 iChat 2 Format Menu Oct 2008

This is the iChat 2 Format Menu. Like other iChat Menus the active items change depending which window is the front one.

With any Text chat window to the fore most items in this one will become active. It basically allows you to change the Font, style it and colour it differently to your global settings (in iChat Menu > Preferences > Messages) of any letter, word or phrase in any IM as you type it and at least before you Send it. Basically you can override your Font and colour and Bold or Underline or italicise a letter, word or phrase. You can make the choices before you type or highlight an item or change it afterwards just like any Word Processor application's function - but before you press Enter to send it.

As far as your Buddy is concerned he or she will see at least the colour choices. He or she will only see the Font Choice if they have it as well.

You cannot override your global Bubble Colour (or the Plain Text alternative background colour).

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Access to changing the Font, it's Style and it's Colour at any IM point where you are typing in a Text chat of any sort.


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