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These iChatAV (Version 2) pages are coloured Green and have the iChat 2 icon on them that was in use at the time, so you know where you are. The icon differs from Version 1 by having the camera logo added.

iChatAV (Version 2) How to Add Buddies


How to Add Buddies from the various starting points within iChat.

Adding Buddies

There is a longer, more generalised, version on page 6

As with most things Apple and particularly iChat there are in fact several ways of doing this:-

  1. From the Buddy List
  2. From the Buddies menu with a chat going on
  3. From the Buddy List with a chat window open
  4. With Keystrokes to do 2. and 3.

The last requires any chat window is Open but does not have to have an Active chat - it can have finished and been closed at your Buddies end. It is useful to Add Buddies during a chat or just after they have finished., such as an instant recall if the chat fails unexpectedly.

From the Buddy List

Buddy List top

Ok so iChat is up and running with your Real Name or Screen Name across the top (click on it to toggle between the two) but no Buddies and you want to add them.

To be clear these are AIM valid Buddy Names to the Buddy List that logs in to AIM - as the Rendezvous one uses your other Mac's (Or Macs on your LAN) Address Books to say who is On-Line when they have iChat open.

BUddy List Bottom

At the bottom of the Buddy List are several buttons and the + one is the one that opens the Add Buddy dialogue windows.

Use this Button by clicking it.

It will make this window slide out of the top of the Buddy List

Add Buddy New Buddy Selection

This shows you the Contents of the Address Book (in this Pic it is actually empty) and you can use the Select Buddy button to use a Address Book Card that has an AIM valid name in info stored. Otherwise use the New Person button to take you onwards to the next picture.



Add Buddy Pop out

I have partially filled this one in with a spoof Screen Name. Adding the "Real Name" will Add the contact to your Address Book as well.

This will then Add the Buddy to the Buddy List. iChat will display the Address Book Name as first choice (like Tony in the Second pic in this panel) and if it does not have any Address Book info then it will display the Screen Name in the Buddy List (as appleu3test02 is displayed in the top pic of this section)

NOTES: In this Pic I have changed to the @mac.com type of account to add it and have not typed the suffix (@mac.com) as the application adds this bit itself. (Apple have made this somewhat clearer from this version onwards as you can see it is outside where you type and the AIM option has a longer text field.)

Despite the info on MobileMe @me.com account names I went on about about above, it seems Apple have not done an Update for Panther (10.3.x) for iChat (ver 2.x). You will have to enter such a Account/Screen Name as an AIM one. This will include typing the @me.com suffix as part of the Name.

Apple are not the only ones that have such an arrangement with AIM and you may find certain Buddies tell you their Screen Name is in the format of Username@someISPemail.com as AIM type names.

From the Buddies Menu

Buddies Menu

This picture was grabbed when a Text Chat was the front window. It shows certain things as Active. These can change depending which Window is the Front one. Several of the iChat menus work this way and are dependent on whether a window that is involved is open or the Front one if several are open.

However you can see all the items listed. Those below the gap have to have a Buddy highlighted in the Buddy List or a Another sort of Chat open to become active. The "Ignore" item is about Incoming chats.

Anyway I digress (again) slightly and when the text is dark because the right window is the front one then you can select the line. Or use the keystrokes shown in the picture of Shift + Apple/ Command key + the A key (⇑ +  or ⌘ + A). A Previously Added Buddy will show (as appleu3test01@mac.com does in this picture) as greyed out.

From the Buddies Menu with Open Chat Window

There is little difference to the above method except that when a Text Chat Window is open you can use the same Menu or Keystrokes and the Buddy's Name should already be there in the Menu or the Buddy is added to the Buddy List (with the Add Buddy Windows pre-filled). You can add Buddies this way during the Chat or leave the Window open after they close the chat at their end and add them afterwards. It is considered Good Manners to tell people that you are adding them.

NOTES: A repeat. Despite the info on MobileMe @me.com account names I went on about about previously, it seems Apple have not done an Update for Jaguar or Panther for this. You will have to enter such a Account/Screen Name as an AIM one. This will include typing the @me.com suffix as part of the Name.

Apple are not the only ones that have such an arrangement with AIM and you may find certain Buddies tell you their Screen Name is in the format of Username@someISPemail.com and you will again have to add them as an AIM Name with Suffix.

From Group Chats

This is a simple question of dragging the Name from the Participants Drawer to the Buddy List to invoke the Add Buddy windows.

Corrections and Alternatives

The Buddy Info Card

Once you have added a Buddy you can look at the Info card in iChat for that Buddy. As you can see in the Buddies menu it has the "Get Info" keystrokes listed of Apple Key + i key ( or ⌘ + i) ( or ⌘ are the same key. You may have one or other or both symbols on you Key depending on the keyboard that you use).

iChat Address Card

You can do this if you highlight the Buddy in the Buddy List and then use Keystrokes. This can be useful if you make a typing mistake and need to change the Screen Name or want to add a "Real Name" or email to make it add them to the Address Book.

I list "Real Name" in this manner as you can in fact enter "Dad" as a name and specify the Last name to identify which In-law side or extended family you may be talking about.

If you know a Buddy has two or more Screen Names they can be added after placing a comma between the Names. However this will only display once in the Buddy List and you cannot choose which Screen Name you call.

As you can see the Info card has a Drop Down and this list two other panes. Actions which is similar to the Preferences item but is set individually for that Buddy.



Buddy Actions from Info cardProfile and Notes pane

The other is the Info itself. This in fact means the Profile the person has entered On line at AIM.

Other clients have a Profile entry spot. iChat does not and needs a Third Party way of doing this in iChat Version 2.

You can also enter your own Notes on a person.

The small text at the bottom of the Notes pane tells you what capabilities your Buddy has.


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About This Page

This page is about How-to Add Buddies. Within the section are the various methods such as from the Buddy List and from the Buddies menu without a chat started and with a chat started. It also mentions Adding a Buddy from a Group Chat.

Under a heading called Corrections and Alternatives is an item on the Buddy Info card called up by right or Control-clicking on a Buddy in the list.


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