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These iChat 1 pages are coloured Blue and have the iChat 1 icon on them that was in use at the time, so you know where you are.

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4[4] 04 Privacy Preferences Oct 2008

This is the Privacy Preference pane for iChat 1

The Drop Down here has several options that control who sees you as On-Line.

They cover Allow All, Allow Buddy List Only, Block All and Block Specific People. In iChat 1 this Block Specific people allows you access to the main part of this Pane where you can add people by screen name that you do not want to contact you. To them you will always appear as Off-line. If you leave them in your Buddy list they will apeear as Off-Line to you as well.

Unless you use Allow Buddy List Only, removing a name from the Buddy List does not prevent people from contacting you.

Which option you use will depend on how you use iChat. I have lots of people call me to test Video and Audio chats so I require new people to be able to see me. I use the Block Specific People mainly as some people seem to lack social skills and cannot seem to grasp that sometimes Away does mean you are busy with something.

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How to Allow or Block different people from seeing you as On-Line. Being Off-line is the only way to stop people from contacting you as just removing them from the Buddy list does not stop new contacts.


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