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These iChat 1 pages are coloured Blue and have the iChat 1 icon on them that was in use at the time, so you know where you are.

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This is the Messages Preference pane for iChat 1

It's primary function is for you to choose the Font, it's style to some extent (as the Font Pallet allows) the Font Colour and the Bubble Colour. Chooe a Font other Buddies will have or it will default your beautifully crafted IM to Helvetica.

It is best to use a Dark on Light background or vice versa for colour choices although there are exceptions.

The next option is whether to override incoming formats of your Buddies. If you are in lots of Group chats or Chatroom I would not bother as the more information that is different about one buddy over another in a chat is helpful. However if you find everyones else's Font choce is too small for you use the Size compnent and the Font Pallet to increase the size for every chat.

With the Rendezvous side you can set it to send the typing you do as you do it. I find it is a litlle behind even my slow typing but still fast than I can make corrections. This means yoru little brother upstairs can read what you thought about him before you can change it back to somethng politer.

Confirm before Sending Files allows an extra Dialogue box to appera to Confirm which allows you to double check it is the right file, but does mean an extra click to do so each time you send something.

The Last item is quite useful. Setting this stores all chats as they are finished in a folder called iChats which is in your Documents folder (~/Documents/iChats). This means you can open old chats for that bit of info or hyperink someone sent you.

They are stored by Buddy's name as they appear in the Buddy List or chatroom name. Both then have the date and time that the chat started as part of the file name.

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Basically this pane is about how the text and balloons in your Chats look.

You can decide to Keep chats as they end.

A couple of other minor tweaks to the way certain parts of iChat work.