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1[4] 04 Top Of Buddy List Oct 2008

This is the Top of the Buddy List in iChat 1.

The Buddy List that Logs into the AIM Servers, whether you use an Apple Name or an AIM one, will say Buddy List at the top. The Rendezvous one will say Rendezvous across the top.

Generally speaking the Buddy list will try to expand height-wise to encompass all your Buddies. If you have ore than can be fitted in or you adjust it to be shorter it will add a Scroll button.

As the writing on the picture says you can toggle (click and click again) the displayed Name. In this version it shows the "Real Name" I have in the Address Book. The other one will display the current Logged in Screen Name.

This can not be done to the Rendezvous Buddy List that will always display the name you call yourself in the Address Book. What this name is ican be important if you have two Macs at home and have the same name as the Users Account with the same info in the Address Book at the Me Card. Redezvous Chat will not be able to resolve this.

Just to the right of the tip of the arrow and under my name is the Word Available. Clicking this will bring up the option pane to change this to Away or a Custum choice for both Available and Away and an Edit choice. I will come on to more about this in the last picture in this series.

If you click on your Buddy Pic you can change it here as well. At fisrt you see a Panel of Recent Pictures. At the bottom of that is an Edit option that allows you to navigate to any picture on your Hard Drive. In iChat 1 you will first get offered the same pictures as the User Accounts and Address Book use. If you choose your own pic then you can resize in iChat and the result is saved as a .tiff copy just for iChat.

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A brief run down about what can be done at the top of the Buddy List.


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