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These iChat 1 pages are coloured Blue and have the iChat 1 icon on them that was in use at the time, so you know where you are.

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4[4] 04 The Status Messages Oct 2008

If you click on the Current Status message you get access to change it.

Drop down Status Messages

At the beginning there are just 2. Available and Away. There is also a Custom option for both Available and Away and that will change the Status to Away if that is the one you chose and open this Text field shown in the main picture where you can type what you want.

If you wish to Save the Status Messages you have to use the Edit option, shown at the bottom of this iChat 3 version (it has the iTunes Option).


Edit Pane Status Messages

This will bring up another pane where you can set Status Messages in advance and then they are selectable from the list.

Double Click a line to change the Text in it.

You can type quite long Status Messages but iChat will only display 42 characters of them (Or anyone else's Message under their name), no matter how wide you make the Buddy List. However if you hover the mouse over the Status Message a Tooltip box will appear with the whole message.

If you type the keystrokes for a Smiley it will display at your end as Text but at your Buddies as the Smiley.

In the iChat 3 Picture it has the iTunes option. This is actually an AppleScript that checks iTunes as to what is playing and diplays the tune and the Artist. Doug's AppleScripts has this that can do it for iChat 1and 2. Other Applescripts can be used to create a sort of Scrolling message.

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Status Messages can only be created from the Buddy List so I have included this page with the pictures on the Buddy List.


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