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These iChat 1 pages are coloured Blue and have the iChat 1 icon on them that was in use at the time, so you know where you are.

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3[4] 03 Add Buddy: Mac Oct 2008

After the link to Address Book screen and choosing the New Person option you will come to this Screen.

You will also come here or to the next picture version if you use the Buddies Menu > Add Buddy whilst a Chat is active with a Buddy not in the Buddy List- and the screen will be filled in with the Screen Name and the Account Type will have been chosen

To highlight the difference in Adding an AIM Screen Name or @mac.com Screen Name I have included the two views of ths Screen with the top drop down changed.

In this picture the choice is to add a Buddy with an @mac.com name as stated at the top drop down. In the Account Name part you only have to enter the part of the Screen Name before the @mac.com suffix. I once used an @mac trial account with the name ralphjohns2@mac.com. I have entered the first part of this as the Account Name in the picture. iChat will add the @mac.com part for you.

The fact the iChat software adds the @mac.com suffix is less clear in iChat 1 than it is in subsequent versions.

The adding of filling in of First Name and Last Name details is optional but if you do it will create an Address Book entry once you use the Add Button to commit this to be saved.

The Buddy will display "Real Name" info by preferences but will use the Screen name if that is all you have.

If you click the Buddy ICon box you will be offered the choice to navigate to a Picture to use as the Buddy's pic. This will be your choice and will override any Buddy Pic they may be sending from their end. This will become their Address Book pic if you do this.

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About This Page

At the risk of boring people I have stressed the point that the iChat Software adds the @mac.com suffix for you.

It is important to make the choice for the correct Account Type hence this and the following picture.


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