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3[3] 3_Modem-DHCP 02-10-2006

This Alcatel's DHCP Page. You navigate Via Advanced > DHCP, as shown by the yellow highlights and arrows.

Next you make sure both the left tabs are red.

Then you can select to turn Off DHCP in this device. This would mean that any Router or computer connected directly to it would have to be set to Static Routing.

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About This Page

This is the Thomson-Alcatels's DHCP main page.

Compared to most other devices it can be set to Auto DHCP which checks out if there is more than one DHCP server and turns itself Off if there is.

The Server Leases would allow you to control how long a IP was given to a Device (computer). The DHCP relay is where theis device can be a bridge with another DHCP Server, similar to the DHCP Auto setting but more specific. The Address Pools allows you to set the range of IPs that are used by the DHCP server much like the Linksys using only using 50 of the 255 potentials a sit's default.


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