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3[5] 3_Router_Modem-PortForward 02-10-2006

This picture shows the Port Forwarding set up page, filled in, for this device. Under the yellow elipse is the item you have to select (Application and Gaming) followed by the sub area indicated by the arrow.

As the Jabber ports are three ports numerically close together I have done them as a range in this set up.

That leads me on to this device's set up. It requires you to state Start and End Points. Not all devices do this. Most do it port by port as shown in the Thomson Alcetel pictures.

This is also the full table range (10 settings) for this device. You may find you also can not enter all 31 settings for iChat 2 and 3 if you have to label each Port by Portocol as well (no Both or Any Setting)on your device. In other devices the table expands to meet demand or has more spaces anyway.

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