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6[6] Table of Ports 02-10-2006

This "Picture" is actually a Table of the ports and what service they work with. The reason for including it is to show which ports you can leave out if not using a particular service. You can also use it to Copy and Paste to the Firewall. It shows the Jabber ports for iChat 3 as well as the ones for AIM and Bonjour/Rendezvous

iChat does not have to be logged into AIM for the Bonjour or Jabber sides to work. This goes for any other combination. i.e. you can be logged in to just the Bonjour Service or the Jabber one or the AIM one without the others.

What this Table does do is separate out the AV ports. They are needed if you use a Jabber name to another Mac user with iChat and his Jabber name or the more regular Main (AIM) Buddy List. Whether you start with the AIM List to start a Video or Audio chat to a Buddy or the Jabber one, iChat uses the same A/V Protocols and therefore the same ports when chatting over the Internet.

This means ports 5060, 5678, 16384-16403 have to be open to AV chat.

As mentioned in previous pages in this picture series iChat 3 changes the layout of the Port entries in the Firewall to list TCP and UPD Protocols separately. Some of the iChat ports need both. Late Jaguar and Panther users can just enter the All List minus the Jabber Ports on one line.

Leopard's Firewall

Leopard System Prefs

A word about Leopard's Firewall. It is in a different place in System Preferences. See pic.

Doing the same Search in the System Preferences reveals it is in Security now. There is a tab for the Firewall, which is highlighted in the next picture.


Leopard FirewallClear .gif

In there you will find three settings.

  1. Allow All (effectively Off)
  2. Allow Essentials (Basic Internet Connection)
  3. Allow Specifics with a Add and Remove button and list of allowed applications.

The Allow Specifics is ON and those apps in the list only allow contact on the ports they have open for that app and that app alone. If two or more Applications use the same port(s) they have to be allowed separately.

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About This Page

The ports in a Table so that you can Copy and Paste them to wherever you need them.

I have coloured the columns for Bonjour and Jabber for iChat 3 and repeated those colours in the "All" Listing as a visual Aid.

Setting the ports this way only applies to late Jaguar (10.2.5+), Panther (10.3.x) and Tiger (10.4.x) as Leopard (10.5.x) has a different sort of firewall.

There is a strong reminder that Jabber Video chats between you using iChat and another iChat user with a Jabber ID (from the Jabber Buddy List) can do Video or Audio chats but it uses the same A/V ports as the ones started with an AIM valid named Buddy.


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