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5[6] 5 iChat Ports Firewall Add Ports 02-10-2006

Depending if you used New or Edit to get here you will have details like this entered or not.

If you used New make the "Other" appear in the drop down at the top. There are options of Presets that are not already in the list in this drop down.

In Tiger (10.4.x) enter the TCP ports in the next line, with the commas and spaces. These are for the Login and Text Chats over AIM, Bonjour(Rendezvous) and Jabber. (In Earlier OS versions enter all the ports on the one line)

Next enter the UDP Ports (Tiger only). The picture has has been altered to show the ones normally out of site. These are for the AV ports, Bonjour and Direct Chats and file sending. There are no Jabber UDP ports.

A Mac Firewall is the only place I have heard about that enters the ports with both commas and spaces in this manner. All other devices that allow the ports on one line (normally in Port Triggering set ups) do not use the Space, although commas and dashes are allowed.

All you need to do now is hit the OK button.

Panther View
Panther Ports

The Next Picture will show you the ports in a table form.

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This picture is about using the Edit or New button to bring up this pop out screen. From there you need to select Other in the drop down at the top (it lists other presets the OS has that are not active in the list like MSN And Yahoo and stuff). Strangely there is not a Preset for iChat, even in Tiger.

From there it is a question of entering the ports in the requried manner depending if you have Tiger of pre Tiger version and giving the endtry a Name.


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