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4[6] 4 iChat Ports Firewall-New or Edit 02-10-2006

Maybe a bit busy this Picture but read through these Instructions as well. More arrows to follow. You may need first to Unlock the screen with the Padlock and the admin Password. The first arrow to follow is the red one to scroll the list down to read iChat. You may only have iChat Bonjour for iChat 3 or iChat Rendezvous for iChat 2. (It is there in this Pic, Unchecked as there is an iChat AV made now - you will not need to have both active).

Notes: The iChat Bonjour (Rendezvous) is a Preset in the list and can not be changed as you will find out if you use the Edit Button. It only lists two of the three ports needed as well as this other port is allowed anyway as part of the system wide Bonjour settings there are not even listed.

My Firewall is Off in this picture and these ports only really need to be set if the Firewall is ON.

If you have an iChat setting that you created earlier, use the Edit Button after highlighting the entry as shown by the blue highlight.

If there is no entry use the New button.

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About This Page

A bit of an over busy picture but basically follow the red arrow to Scroll the list as iChat Bonjour (Rendezvous) is lower down and so will any thing you add for specific applications as we will be doing for iChat.

The follow the Green arrows to use the New or Edit button depending on your needs at this stage.

You do not need the iChat Bonjour (Rendezvous) and any iChat AV setting active at the same time.

Notes: Bonjour (Rendezvous) is Apple's way of allowing Macs on the same LAN (Network) to "find" each other. By default it is On (it is set in Directory Access in Applications/Utilities) and as it is designed to work in the background there are no settings for it here in the firewall. This "Self Discovery" of other Macs on your LAN means that port 5353 is already open. You will have to check your Modem or router if this is allowed to the Internet side.


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