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4[6] 4 Adding Buddies MacType 02-10-2006

Next you have to choose the "Type" of Buddy.

This picture shows the @mac.com (.mac) type selected. The drop down highlighted in blue should have at least AIM as an option. Actually from June 2008 Apple have moved their .Mac service to the MobileMe service and you can also choose @Me.com type of accounts as well as shown below (iChat 4 pic with Jabber options as it comes from the Start Up Screens).

Account Name types

NOTES: In my testing with iChat 1 this option does not seem to be applied to Jaguar (10.2.x) as an MobileMe update - which is run by going to System Preferences > .Mac and it then runs automatically updating any reference to linking to @mac.com adding the extra MobileMe (@me.com) bits to any option panel)

Anyhow the top picture will always show the Account Type of the last Buddy you added. I can not remember precisely but I would guess the default on first time is the Apple option that applies to how you have updated.

If you have chosen to Add a Buddy during a Chat from the Buddies menu the account type is pre-selected and the Screen Name will be filled in.

iChat 4 Suffic Added

If choosing an Apple Screen Name account type please note that the Suffix (@mac.com in the top pic) is added by the software (and shown at the end of the line) and does not need to be typed. In iChat 4 this is highlighted by it being pre-filled but grey so you can not alter it. See pic to the right with @me.com pre-filled.

Adding "Real Name" details and then using the Add Button will create an Address Book Entry.

Plain Screen names only, if you don't know your Buddy's Name and don't have any other info to make and entry here, do not get added to the address Book in iChat 3 and 4.

(Notes: Your Buddy List is actually stored at the AIM servers and not anywhere on your Computer unless you add them to the Address Book. AIM for Mac does have an Export and Import feature which can be used to create a Backup)

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About This Page

The choosing of the Account type is the main point of this page. The main picture shows the @mac.com option.

Since June 2008 Apple have been running MoblieMe instead of .Mac and screen names can now end with @me.com as well and the drop down to chose the Account type may well display this option.

Adding details to the First Name and Last Name text fields create an Address Book entry.

Adding a Buddy with Screen Name only adds that Screen name to your Buddy List stored at the AIM servers only. Your Buddy List fills in when you Log On to AIM or your Jabber Server


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