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3[6] 3 Adding Buddies New Person Window 02-10-2006

See below for Jabber options.

This Picture above is from iChat 3. iChat 1 & 2 are virtually the same. It deals with adding a AIM or Apple Buddy but in iChat 3 and 4 Adding a Jabber Buddy is the same although the Type of Account selection in the later pictures in the series are different.

From the Buddy list or the Buddies memu, you will get this (top pic) pop out.

iChat 4 Add Buddy pic

In iChat 4 it is slightly different in that this is an expansion option of the next window (pictures 4, 5 & 6 in this series). It also allows you to enter people straight into a Group.

Basically you get two choices whichever version you have. You can choose someone already in your Address Book from here (Select Buddy), if they are not already an iChat Buddy but are in the Address Book with a Screen Name or select "New Person" for those not in the Address Book.

The following pictures presume you picked New Person in the Main Picture.

Jabber Adding Buddies

The process to get to the same point is the same from the Jabber Buddy List or the Buddies menu if the Jabber Buddy List is the front window.

Adding Jabber Buddies

However there is not the same choice or need to specify the account type in the way described here. It is just a question of entering the Screen Name and any other details to create an Address book entry.

This picture is from iChat 4 which has the second blue arrow to expand the Address Book Panel.

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This picture is of a separate stage in iChat 3 and earlier.

The iChat 4 variance is included below the main picture and hopefully will not be too confusing.

I am presuming that you are not adding someone from the Address Book whose Screen Name is already included in the Address Card but going straight on to enter a New Buddy.


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