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9[15] 9 Video Chat PIP 19-10-2008

This is a Video Chat using Bonjour to my other computer (Which was partly hidden under a shelf).

Your end will be the small Picture-in-Picture (PIP). It will be in one of the four corners and can be dragged to a more suitable one to reveal a hidden parts of the Buddy's picture. In iChat 4 your can decide to Hide the PIP but in earlier versions you have to use the Add-On Chax to do this (It does depend on the iChat Version and Chax version though).

The PIP can also be resized from about as small as this picture shows (About 1/16th of the Chat window area) to a 1/4 of the window. In Full Screen mode it can still be dragged corner to corner and be resized but the overall percentage sizes are smaller. The Resizing handles only show when you mouse over the PIP and will be the corner closest to the middle.

The whole Chat window can be resized using the bottom right corner with the graduated diagonal bars on it, like other resizing window handles.

Incoming Invite windows are always top middle of Screen but the Outgoing Chat will alway be where the last one was. iChat on the whole tends to remember where you put a window fro the next time you use it. The exceptions are all the Incoming invites (Audio, Files, Video, Group and 1-1 Text chats) which always are in the same (individual) place no matter where you drag the window.

This pic is from iChat 4 so it has the large Effects button

Multi-Chat versions have the + button to Add more Buddies if you are Host.

You then have the Mute Button and the Full Screen Button. This pic has an Extra Button as I run an Add-On called Showmacster. (This adds certain iChat 4 like features via a Pop Out drawer).

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About This Page

This picture is to mainly show you the Picture-in-Picture part.

It can be resized in normal view and Full Screen view and moved from corner to corner.

The actual Chat window can be resized from the normal handle bottom right.

All the incoming Invite windows open in a specific place on the screen for whatever it is for. The Video Invite at the top Center is about as far left as any appear. Group Chat invites tend to be Top Right with File acceptence windows being slightly lower.

If you get multiple invites (or leave a window open after it has ended) the next is slightly lower than the last - the same as other applications.


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