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7[15] 7 Audio Chat Window 19-10-2008

This is the Audio Chat window after the Chat is accepted. Prior to that it has the normal Accept and Block option buttons that expand to the bottom.

When you talk you will see the Green Response Bar move as seen in the Picture.

Compared to other Windows it is small and somewhat easy to lose if you continue using other Applications and their windows. Using the Window Menu or the DOCK icon will give you options to select the window and make it the Front one again.

Again it will be titled with the Name of who you are talking to.

The + button is for adding more Buddies (in later versions that can Multi-chat) if you are the Host (the one that did the Inviting). The other Button is to Mute your Mic.

The Slider in this version controls the Output Volume of your Buddy and not you Input Volume to them.

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A relativlely small window showing who you are talking to and shows Visible Feedback when you talk.

has a couple of Buttons to Mute the Mic or Invite other Buddies if you are the Host and can do Multi-chats.


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