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6[15] 6 Text Chat Window 19-10-2008

There are several way to Start a chat - from the Buddies Menu, from the File Menu or the simplest is to Double Click on the line a Buddy is on in the Buddy List - but they all will open a Window like this.

If you choose Bubbles, which is the default, it will display your Buddy pic on the right of the Chat and your Buddy on the left. This Chat in the pic is actually a Bonjour Chat between two Macs running Leopard and iChat 4.x.x hence it is a little confusing as I was logged into both. Choosing Text as the display option will place the IMs one above the other.

The top of the window has a Title which will tell you who the chat is with. The grey header to the actual chat contents will tell you again who it is with but also their Screen Name or any "Real Name" info you added plus the date & time the Chat started.

As the Chat progresses similar grey messages will appear in the Chat window in the center, mostly time stamps or when it changes to Direct Chats for sending Pictures and Files.

Middle Messages in Text Chats

In iChat 4 if you type /me at the begining of sending an IM in a Chat it will become a little grey message. As it puts your name in front, an Action is the best thing to send. In Bonjour the text can be sent as you type so it appears in the Window and the Text Entry field as shown in this picture.

This comes from ICQ Actions. ICQ is part of AOL and uses the same Servers as their Own AIM Client and iChat does.

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