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5[15] 5 Add Buddy Selecting Type 19-10-2008

From the previous Pop up at Picture 5 in this sequence this Slide out, from the top of the Buddy List, appears. This can be a bit of a surprise as you were at the bottom of the Buddy list a second ago.

In later versions you get to choose the two variants of the Apple Names for entering your Buddy under as well as the AIM one. In earlier versions of the OS you may not be able to run the MobileMe update to get the @me.com option shown in the expanded dropdown.

In iChat 3 & 4 you get the choice to add a Buddy directly to a Group.

Adding a "Real Name" is optional and adds the Buddy to the Address Book. They will be displayed as that name in the Buddy List. You can see showing beneath the Silde out I have a Buddy called Ronda (Level 4). If you leave it with just a Screen Name that is how they will appear in the Buddy List (As in various pics appleu3test01 appears in mine).

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This is the slide out panel where you enter your Buddy's Name and choose what sort of Account type they have as shown by the expanded and highlighted dropdown items.


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