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2[3] 2 Bonjour Buddy List 02-10-2006

If this window is Open and your are Logged into Bonjour (Rendezvous on iChat 1 & 2) then this will display the other Mac Users logged in on other computers on your LAN or at least the same Subnet if a large LAN.

Bonjour Buddy List Name Change

It displays the names they have in their Address Books. This means if you have two Macs and have called yourself by the same name on both, much like my picture here (One is on the G4 and the "Buddy" is me on my MacBook Pro) then you can have problems.

Address Book My Card

It is better that at least one Address Book entry (at the My Card) lists the name differently like this second picture where I have called myself Ralph G4 in the Address Book on my G4/1Ghz Dual.

This name can not be toggled like the AIM ones (or the Jabber ones in later version of iChat).

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About This Page

Basically to say there is a Bonjour (Rendezvous in iChat 1 & 2) Buddy list and what the differences are between it and the AIM or Jabber ones.

The biggest thing to understand it is displays the Real Name you have in your Address Book to your Buddies on the LAN and vice versa. So as I point out if you have two Macs and have yourself as Joe Smith as the User on both, that is what will be displayed as the Buddy on both and iChat can not always resolve this.

Change your Address Book Entry on at least one computer (or create a new Mac User on one for testing)


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