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6[6] 6 Chax Prefs (an Add-on) 02-10-2006

I have an Add-On and as it appears in the Toolbar of other pictures in this series I thought I would show at least this screen of it. As you can see it goes on to have it's own tabs.

This is in fact from the version that worked with iChat 3 in Tiger when there was slightly more access with AppleScript and other Add-Ons to change the settings in iChat.

As you can see it has five other tabs as well as this one on display here. As well as this set in these Screens and tabs the Add-On also adds things to various menus indicated by a sticking plaster icon.

Most of the setting are about your Personal preferences on how iChat looks and works.

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About This Page

Thois is picture 6 in this sequence - Chax Preferences

Chax is an Add-On that works in at least Version 3 and 4 and can alter the way iChat Loks and in soem areas how it respondes

The feature set is longer in iChat 3 - partly because Apple included some in iChat 4 and secondly they chaged the way iChat works to some extent which restricted access to some parts.


Confirmed to work with Win/IE 5.5 and later (should work in 5.0, but not confirmed), Firefox 2, Safari 3, Opera 9, iCab 3.02 and later, Mac/IE 5, Netscape 6 and later

Old browsers (IE version 4 or earlier, Netscape 4 or earlier) should only see a text-based page which, while not the prettiest option, is still entirely usable.