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5[6] 5 Video Preferences 02-10-2006

This pic is actually a mock up. It is achvieable in iChat 3 before 10.4.10 with ChatFX and can be done in iChat 4 with the Effects that come with it.

However this will show you a Preview of your camera. Remember it is naturally Mirrored. Not like the picture but in that it will show you as you would see yourself in a mirror.

Alternative Pic (From iChat 4 with two cameras and alternative sound outputs)Video Prefs alternative

Below that you may have more dropdowns that is shown here in the top picture. You may have a camera one if you have more than one camera attached. (As the Picture on the left indicates). The amount of choice in Camera and Microphone dropdowns will depend on what you have connected. For instance, computers with Line-in and an internal Microphone will always show those two even if there is not anything attached to the Line-in.

An External iSight camera, if you have one, will appear in both Camera and Mic dropdowns if you have two cameras. (if there is only one camera it will still appear as a potential Mic choice as it has a Mic included).

If you have a BlueTooth able computer this will also have a Specific dropdown for matching a Headset.

Between the Video preview and the drop downs is the volume indicator (Partially hidden in the second picture). This moves left to right as green in-fill depending on the Volume set in System Preferences > Sound > Output tab and the Mic itself and normal factors such as how far away you are and how loud you speak. The point is that there is no Volume adjustment here if your Buddy says you are too quiet and it must be done in System Preferences.

If you have no Camera but can do A/V chats the Video pic will be replaced by a grey space saying there is no Camera.

The Bandwidth dropdown can be used to cap the Connection Speed you use. Generally it should be set to "None" but some ISPs do things to their data streaming to combat Peer-to-Peer File Sharing apps and iChat suffers as a consequence. Trying 500kbps or 200kbps set in the drop down may help.

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The Video Preferences Screen

Mostly the settings are for camera and Mic but if you are only able to do Audio Chats the Mic needs to be chosen here.

As iChat Video is Bandwidth Intensive there are adjustment settings here as well


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