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4[6] 4 Alerts Preferences 02-10-2006

This is the Alerts Preferences screen. In here you can set Sounds and Spoken Texts on a Global level. In iChat 4 the option to type your own phrase has disappeared. The voice for these is the one chosen in System Preferences.

Sounds/Alerts can be set in Individual Buddy Info cards as well.

List of Events for Alerts

The Event drop down has several things that you can add sounds to, that will play when that thing happens. It tends to always show the "When I Login" option when you arrive at this screen. Those with a "Speaker" next to them have Sounds set.

The drop down to select the sound will show the iChat sounds, all the System sounds and, if you have added any, your own sounds. The list is subdivided in the way I have described them here - see the picture in the info column to the right.

Your Sounds should be preferably .AIFF files recored at the lowest rate of 44100Hz as iChat will not play high rates. They are put in your Home Folder/Library/Sounds. ( Copy and Paste this, ~/Library/Sounds , in to the Finder's Go to Folder item in the Go menu )

Sound Effects Setting

One last thing, to hear the Alerts/Sounds you have to make sure System Preferences > Sound > Sound Effects tab has the Alert volume turned up adequately as it can be set as a proportion of the main System Volume and iChat Alerts are played as if they were System Alerts and so that controls the volume.



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The Alerts Preferences. Th sounds iChat makes when something happens - A Buddy coming On-line, going Off-line, Invites arriving, Files being sent or received - that sort of thing.

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List of Sounds


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