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3[6] 3 Messages Prefs 02-10-2006

These are the changes you can make to the overall format of Messages in Text Chats.

They are the Bubble Colour for Incoming and Outgoing Buddies messages. The Font Style can also be changed as well as it's colour. Think about what is easy to read. White on Light Blue is not a good choice. You look towards light colours on dark Bubbles or vice versa. Also think how opposites work in graphic apps; blue with yellow, green with reds etc.

The Background Picture you can set in the View menu when a Text Chat window is open will also be displayed here. In some versions a Pic can be dropped on here to change it as well. The Clear Background option in the View menu will delete the pic even if the Chat window is not open.

I have at least one Group chat a week and find it helpful to leave the incoming chats alone. This way you find that most people have already made their choice and it rarely clashes with other people in the chat.

The last option on this page is very useful. It saves your text chats upto the point they ended. I rarely close a window on someone who is testing. This way I get a long record of a continuous chat at my end as they go on and off line to check different settings. They get put in a folder that gets created when you select this option called iChats in your Documents folder so that they remain private from prying eyes.

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Number 3 in this series of the Preferences Screens - the Messages one.

This one is about how the Text Chat window looks in temrs of Colours and Fonts as well as whether you Save the Chats.


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