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1[6] 1General Preferences 02-10-2006

This is the first of the Preference Screens. It is accessed from the iChat Menu and then Preferences.

This one is labeled "General" The Options are fairly self explanatory. However:-

iChat does not by default log out of AIM fully when iChat is quit - it sets you to Away. With some versions this allows Off-lIne IMs to be stored on the AIM servers for you, alothough some people find it will start up IChat when the computer is On but iChat is not running.

Shapes changes the 3D blobs for Available, Away and Idle to be a Square, Triangle and Circle although they are still coloured Green, Red and Amber.

Status in the Menu Bar puts a Speech Bubble icon in the menu bar on the right side towards the Clock. this in turns can access On Line Buddies to start Chatting or Change your Available/Away Status. If you are Off-Line it is greyed out and shows nothing. Away has a minus sign in it.

In later versions you can Auto-Reply when your Status is set to Away (and you have an Away message set)

Then there are a set that deal with how iChat should treat you or itself when doing certain things. When you do nothing on the keyboard or mouse for 5 mins iChat will regard you as Idle and you will show as such on other people's Buddy List. iChat presumes you have been away from the computer. This one is about what to do if you set the Away Status before hand. Some people report it does not work as it should.

The one that does Downloads does vary as to where it puts incoming files. If you are in Text Chat it will always put them on the Desktop no matter where they are set for at other times.

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About This Page

Page 1 in this Preferences series of 6 pictures - the General Preferences

They are normally only 5 screens in later (A/V) versions (iChat 1 has only 4) but I was running an Add-On called Chax when I grabbed these pictures so it is included.

Essentially this screen deals with the Dressing around the sides of iChat as it were rather than the actual function.

I have given brief details of what each settings does.

I remind you that these are from iChat 3 and there are slight differences in each version. iChat 1 for instance tends to put Accounts and what it has of the General Preferences on the same Screen but has a separate Privacy screen which you will see is a tab in Accounts in this version.


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