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8[8] 8 Window Menu 02-10-2006

This is mostly used for accessing the different Buddy Lists if you have used the red button to put them away. You can be logged in and hide the windows and this menu can bring them back (or you can memorise the Apple key + a number options for keyboard control such as Apple (/Command/⌘) Key and 2 for the Bonjour Buddy List). It will only show those LIsts that are Logged in

In iChat (ver 1), iChat AV (Ver 2) and iChat 3 the List is always in this order with Jabber becoming number 3 in iChat 3.

As iChat 4 allows you to log in to more than one AIM Screen name and/or Jabber name. The number that then goes with the " Apple (/Command/⌘) Key and..." varies on where the Screen name is in the list in the Accounts Preferences and they can be reordered there. It also lists them by Screen Name

As you can see Chax Adds some features here.

It also give access to the Address Book.

The Zoom option does the same as the Green Button/blob does on any window - it toggles expanding the window to a large size (sometimes full height of screen) and reducing it to a "normal" view size. Holding down the Alt (⌥) Key whilst doing this allows all windows to be done together. Well actually the toggling is together which way the window goes depends on which state it is In. Try Expanding the Bonjour List on it's own then holding the ⌥ (ALT) key and "Zoom All" and watch those windows dance.

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The last picture in this series, number 8 - the Window Menu

To aid with Keystrokes listed on this page. The Command/Apple keys highlighted in this picture

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The ALT or it's symbol ⌥ keys are the ones next to that further from the Space Bar.

This Menu is of course followed by the Help one but as that only links to the Application Help and in some OS versions the OS help but is the same for every application I have not bothered with a Screen Grab.


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