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7[8] 7 Format Menu 02-10-2006

This menu is one that allows you to change the Text in an active chat - as it is sent, on an individual post, line, word or letter basis by pulling up the Font and Colour pallets. Some versions of iChat have an Underline option here. iChat 3 where this picture comes from, does not and requires you use the options at the top of the Font pallet when it is open.

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About This Page

The 7th in this series of 8 pictures of the Different Menus - the Format Menu.

You can change the Font, it's Colour and the in using the Decoration buttons in the Font Pallet can Underline and Italics fonts that are not normally so.

Can be changed before typing so all new words are changed or words or even just letters can be changed to emphasize them.


Confirmed to work with Win/IE 5.5 and later (should work in 5.0, but not confirmed), Firefox 2, Safari 3, Opera 9, iCab 3.02 and later, Mac/IE 5, Netscape 6 and later

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