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6[8] 6 Video/Audio Menu 02-10-2006

Offers control of the actual A/V chat once the chat has started.

Can be labelled as the Audio Menu if there is no camera or it is not On in physical way or not Enabled when you start the Chat. Camera Enabled is present even if the menu reads Audio. If the Camera Enabled item is greyed out check the camera is Connected properly. If it is it may indicate a deeper problem - try Restarting the computer as a first step.

Has access to the Connection Doctor. This will show the Bitrate and, in the case of Video chats, the frame rate of the chat from both ends (this is though, your view of the connection. Your Buddy may see different figures if there is a problem).

The last two items are ways to turn Off the Camera and Microphone (Or ON if they are Off). Always worth checking here if they are probems with no Picture or Sound. Clicking these toggles them On or Off and places or removes the Tick as you do so.

The Video Preview does just that in that it prings up a Picture of what your Camera is seeing at about 3 x 3 inches. It then has a Button to link to the Prefences directly as does clicking on your own Video icon at the top of the Buddy List.

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